Pet Bed Types & Styles

How Pet Beds Have Reached the Point of No Return 

The pet bean bag is the modern incarnation of a pet bed. A long, long time ago, in a village far, far away, dogs only had the lowly doghouse made of wood. Fast track to present times and now most canines are living in the lap of luxury.

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Indeed, pet rights have advanced so much that we have animal rights advocates to thank, and that includes the local London Humane Society or the London Animal Care Centre. Thus, the pet bag has become a symbol of the elevated status of doghood. Just like a pooch bag, a cat bag, upon closer examination is comprised of polystyrene beads on the inside. 

Types of Luxurious Pet Beds

The progenitor of this product is the real bean bed, which actually has dried beans inside. However, since polystyrene beads are a lot more handy production-wise, it's easy to understand why the latest incarnation of animal beds has cut into the demand for the original version. Still, organics advocates are making the counter-trend.

The softness or fluffiness of these beds, do not depend on the fillings. On the contrary, the material that the container is made of plays a big part in eliciting all those cute cat or cute dog reactions so cherished in animal selfies. By far, the pea-shaped pet bed gets the most incredible animal reactions. 

It makes your pet look like its sleeping on a boat. On the other hand, the flat version of the bag is ideal for pregnant pets so there's no need for your best friend to go up and down before and after her much needed slumber. Whatever you choose, just be sure it's washable because you'll need to launder it often especially when it comes to hyperactive pets.

Bed Caring Tips

As the hit Disney animation flick goes, your pets do tend to have a secret life when you're away. Don't be fooled for even sober-looking pooches can be jumping around when they're alone. This can turn any nice looking animal perch into a beehive of bacterial activity without your knowledge. You can't wash it often enough.

Don't settle for dry-clean-only varieties, for they'll be riddled with stains before you know it. The same can be said for vacuum-only kinds. However, feel free to hand-vacuum that pet bed of yours during times when you can't get it washed. This is an excellent way to temporarily clean your investment in pet care.